Dangerous dog owners to be jailed

More dog owners will be jailed for letting their pets run out of control and injure people after judges were handed tough new guidelines.
via More dangerous dog owners to be jailed under new guidelines – Telegraph.

About time. Dog-lovers always argue that “it’s the owner’s fault, not the dog’s”, so I assume they will welcome this change.

Actually, it’s a dual problem. If the police stop a motorist driving a death-trap they will punish him (or her) and scrap the car. We can only hope that the courts will take the same approach to dangerous dogs and their dangerous owners.

Someone who lives along my running route has two extremely aggressive rottweilers – so vicious that he can only walk them in public one at a time and needs all his strength to stop the brutes going for passers-by. I struggle to see how owning a dog like that can be justified in modern Britain.





One thought on “Dangerous dog owners to be jailed

  1. In the case where a dog owner happens to be keeping a dangerous dog, it is always his or her responsibility to tame the pet. Well at least this is what most people believe and to some extent it is true. As for dangerous dog owners, let’s hope that the new guidelines will deal accordingly with their reckless behavior which in the first place should not be tolerated.

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