BBQ chicken from the Deep South

Pic courtesy of The Bitten Word

In the Deep South they like it hot, and they like a lot. I toured the US state of Georgia when the Democratic candidates for the presidential elections were trying to get themselves nominated. Listening to and watching the politicians at work, it all boiled down to two things: music (of the Gospel variety) and food.

In a dusty back street of Augusta, where the golf tournament is staged, a candidate was trying to sell himself to local people at a rally in a church hall.

Few of those walking up the street in their Sunday best looked as though they urgently needed a meal, but at the church the tables were groaning under the weight of food.

After a three-hour drive from Atlanta, I was feeling a bit peckish myself, so the minute the organisers turned their backs I sidled up to the table and grabbed a drumstick, coated in a herb-sprinkled rub and fried to perfection. Stunning.

I’ve tried to recreate the effect with my Southern Belle rub. It’s hot and spicy with a hint of sweetness (like me, really). You’ll have to provide the gospel music for yourself.

♣ STOP PRESS: Just tried this spice mix with sardines and it was first rate — had the effect of cutting a bit of the oiliness.

Pic courtesy of The Bitten Word


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